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Yoga doesn't have to be intimidating. 

We believe yoga is for every-body!


Because chances are, others have wondered, too!

Downward Dog

Q: "I have never done yoga before. What if I don't know what to do?"

That's why we practice together!! Don't worry - everyone was "new" at something, at some point! While it is completely normal to be nervous, or even confused, we will make you feel right at home. 

Our teachers are all trained and capable of leading all-levels in an enjoyable class. If you have specific concerns and/or questions, we encourage you to arrive a few minutes early (10 min) to class to allow ample time to discuss with your instructor!

Outdoor Yoga Meditation

Q: "What classes are best for beginners?"

While we welcome "all-levels" to any class, we do have specific classes that we think you'd like!

If you're a beginner, we recommend our Tuesday or Thursday morning "Gentle" class. Don't let the name fool you - you'll still get a great practice in!

If you prefer evenings, why not try out Monday or Wednesday evenings

Looking for a weekend day? Our Sunday community class is a shorter, great option.

View our full schedule here.


Q: "How much does it cost?"

Great news! Everyone's first class at the studio is free. You can either book online with coupon code FIRSTFREE, or just walk-in to any regularly scheduled class! 

Any other time, drop in classes are $20. We offer a discounted community class on Sundays for $10.

All other memberships and class packs are detailed on our "Plans" page! 

We happily offer student, teacher, military and first responder discounts - just email us!

Practicing Yoga

Q: "What should I expect at my first class?"

Lots of smiles and refreshing, deep breaths! Plus a warm, welcoming community.

Besides that, here's some tips:

- Please arrive early (10-15 minutes) to ensure you have enough time to get checked in, meet the teacher, and get settled in the studio.

- The teacher will show you around, get to know you, and make sure that you have all you need for a comfortable practice.

- We have a limited supply of extra mats, if needed, and plenty of props like blocks, blankets, straps, and bolsters. 

- It is recommended to bring water and wear comfortable clothes!

Group Meditation

A word from our owner:

"I always say 'play', 'explore', 'see what feels good for you' in many of my classes - and I mean it! Yoga is a beautiful, personal practice even though we often practice together. That means, it's okay if your practice looks different than the person's next to you. All you are responsible for is your breath, your body, and your mind. This is YOUR yoga practice. We want to foster individuality and growth in every single one of our students. 

If you are new, or finding your way back to your practice after an injury or absence, know that postures may feel strange or unfamiliar. While pain is not welcome, I would encourage you to give yourself compassion, time, and patience as you develop your practice and see what you are capable of! It is called a yoga 'practice' because we are always learning, modifying, and growing." 


With love & light, Cait

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