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COVID-19 & Our Shala

We will continuously update this page any time there is new information, or changes to our studio guidelines/procedures, as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Current Protocols

Last updated September 2021

Regular Cleaning

Our space is cleaned daily, including all common spaces, the floor, and disinfection of props.

Additionally, our studio undergoes weekly and monthly deep cleanings of common areas and all shared props.

Mask Requirements

We continue to follow all CDC and State guidelines. Currently, it is recommended to wear a mask when indoors in public.


Following this recommendation, it is currently optional for yogis to wear a mask while practicing. We encourage all yogis to take whatever precautions necessary to feel safe in our space.

Other Restrictions

Currently, there are no CDC or State restrictions on class size, spacing, or other requirements.


That being said, we have ventilation (air filters and fans) going at all times, and often practice with the doors open when possible.

Exposure Notification

All teachers and students are required to notify SYS if they test positive for COVID-19 within 10 days of being at the studio. 

If there is a confirmed exposure at the studio, all affected will be individually notified.

Teachers and students, alike, are encouraged to stay home if they are feeling sick or have symptoms of COVID-19 including fever, cough, difficulty breathing/chest pain, and new loss of taste/smell.

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