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Complimentary QiGong class that includes gentle physical movement, mental awareness, and the breath.

  • Solstice Yoga Shala

Service Description

QiGiong (“chee-gong”) is an ancient self-healing practice that unifies physical movement, mental awareness, and the breath into a moving meditation to optimize all body systems, supporting its natural ability to heal. The movements are guided by mental awareness and synchronized with the vital breath to open the free flow of healing life force energy (Qi) within. These gentle and effective practices help to understand ways the body needs and responds to our own attention. Qigong can enhance mobility and balance, strengthen body functions, support the immunity, improve sleep, reduce inflammation, elevate the mental attitude, and so much more. By enhancing awareness of how energy affects the harmony of the body, a deeper relationship develops that cultivates self-regulated health and well-being. The practice consists of rhythmic movements, balancing the Yin and Yang of action and stillness. It is versatile and can be adjusted to meet the abilities and comforts of each individual where they are. No experience necessary, come go with the flow.

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Contact Details

  • 3605 Main St, Morgantown, PA, USA

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